“SABAR” units are designed for blasting of steel plates profiles and welded pieces loaded on a horizontal motorised rollers conveyor .

Shotblast takes place in central blast cabin by means of several centrifugal turbines placed on the cabin roof and bottom.

Entry and exit pre-chambers, provided with rubber curtains, avoid any shot exit from the equipment.

A final combined cleaning system (rotary nylon brush and blower ) installed in exit pre-chamber allows a perfect elimination of shot residuals from workpieces.

The vertical position of the cleaning system is automatically adjusted by proper sensors in accordance with workpieces height.

The longitudinal blast speed of the workpieces is adjustable by means of an inverter controlling the rollers way motor in accordance with material typology, rust condition and required blasting grade (mts/min. 0,5 ÷ 3).

Sabar machines are fully automatic and suitable to be installed in line with paint cabins and heating ovens .

Passage dimensions:

  • Width : 600 ÷ 4500 mm
  • Height : 150 ÷ 1500 mm
  • Turbines are placed on cabin roof and bottom.
  • Equipped with 4÷ 16 centrifugal turbines.
  • Turbine power from 4 to 30 Kw.
  • Shot recovery system with limited foundation
  • PLC and touch screen for cycle control
  • Optional: turbines inverter

Workpieces moving system:

  • Modular external motorised roller conveyors
  • Automatic loading system on the inlet roller conveyor
  • Automatic unloading system from the exit roller conveyor

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